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Take Flight

WOW!  I think I've lost my mind.  I have been super busy with some new courses that I started this week.  Not sure how far behind I am but I'm hoping to get a little caught up over the next couple days.  Today I had some time in the studio and played.  Got paint, ink and Mod Podge on my fingers. 
This was inspired by a combination of ideas and thoughts.  I'm taking Kelly Rae Roberts course Taking Flight so naturally, I need some wings.  The little girl you see there is me when I was about 3 years old.  This is to remind me of the little girl I once was filled with wild abandon.  I found new adventures around every corner.  I climbed trees and swung in tire swings upside down, baked mud pies in the August sunshine and daydreamed a million dreams.  While I'm not sure my old body would do those things today, I do want to be brave, confident, creative and fearless.  So with a hopeful heart I am learning to practice bravery and courage.
Enjoy your weekend and thanks for visiting!


Kim Lemear said...

I love her. She turned out awesome.

Brenda said...

Love this post!! Turned out fantastic!

ibalady said...

i love that your interests range so far and wide. i love the idea of art class. however when i have a set time frame , i usually get creative block as opposed to writers block . happy weekending

stephanie thomas berry said...

Love your blog design...especially the 3D aspect of it. Very fun! And I love the piece you posted, with wings. So perfect for the journey we are all on!
xo stephanie

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