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It's a Baby Girl!

I am bursting at the seams with happiness!  We have known all through the holidays that a baby was coming into our family and I will become a Nana this spring.  YES....ME A NANA!

Yesterday Chris and Nicole went for an ultrasound and saw their little baby girl sucking her thumb and is growing perfectly content in her womb.  When Chris called me to say it was a girl, all he said was "Pink, pink, pink everywhere".   Now, I have a Grand-Baby Girl to shop for and I am oh so very excited. 

I LOVE Etsy!  I was up for hours last night.  Found these absolutely adorable shoes.  What girl doesn't want to put her toes in a a pair of sweet shoes? 

They are just too darn SWEET!!!!!  I could shop for her all day long. 

I've said this to myself a few times.  I NEED to learn how to take amazing photos.  My Grand-Baby girl is the most beautiful, sweetest baby and she will be my pride and joy!  She is 17 weeks old right now and is able to hear our voices.  Tonight, is Friday night Pizza so I'll get to talk to her.  Maybe I should stop by Babies-R-Us and pick her up a little dress.  It's so exciting! 

My desk is set up and I've watched the first couple videos from Effy and her Book of Days program.  It's free and simple.  It's like an old fashion diary with a bit of paint splashed in there.  I'm also going to put bits and pieces of Project Life from Ali Edwards in there too.  I think it'll be a nice blend and I can chronical my days in a fun way. 

So, I'm off to be inspired by all my colorful paints, twirl in my chair all day and day dream of my Grand-Baby.  Hope you are finding time to be creative with your stamps, ink, paint or journals!   Enjoy your day.


Jackie said...

Congratulations! Those shoes are absolutely adorable....can't wait to see a pic of her!

Patria said...

Wonderful!!!! Oh that is so neat. A baby girl on the way. And you as a nana, oh that's a relationship that's going to be a treasure through the years!

And that new grandbaby will be in world with a lot of family around her, mom and dad, nana, great nana, great great nana!

Good for you! btw, Silvertabby just had a baby girl grand daughter born I think the 7th :) there is a picture of her on the website. She's beautiful.

KellyS said...

Oh sweetie, I couldn't be happier for you! She is going to be precious girl. Being a grandma is even better than being a mom - the trials are just different.

Off to see what I can come up with for this little one.

Chris Flynn said...

OH MY! I am sooo thrilled for you. Granddaughters are the very best gift God can give us!! My precious granddaughter is turning 20 next month! How the years fly. Now she calls me just to chat and tell me about her day. And the most precious thing is she ALWAYS asks "how is your day grandma?"

You've got a wonderful gift! Plus! she's a lucky grandbaby to be scoring a talented artist Nana like you!

Linda said...

Congrats ! You'll love being a Nana, I sure do and little girls are so sweet. I just love all the little girl dresses.

I have a 18 month old grandson and he really is made of Frogs and snails and puppy-dogs' tails. (rambunctious) Nothing at all like his mama was as a baby.

Have fun!

Linda said...

Congratulations! My first grandchild (a girl) was born in November! She is so precious.... you are going to love this so much!!!

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