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Friendship, Whispers and Colors

Hey you!  Thanks for popping in.

Check out this AMAZING organizer I bought this week for $20...yes....20 worth of happiness!  It holds all my acrylic paints, twinkling H2o's, Gelatos, oil pastels, Neocolor Crayons, Liquitex Fluids, Bombay paints, Glimmer Mists and baby wipes.  There are a couple other trays that hold random paints and colors.  But it's chock full of COLORS!  Each tray spins on it's own.  The downside of this organizer is that my index fingers and thumbs are wicked sore because of all the nuts and bolts that hold this contraption together.  It is so worth it!  :)

I've got so many books that I just "had to have" and they sit on my nightstand.  I really do have good intentions of reading them but before I know it...I'm off to dreamland.  Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts is one of those books but my dear friend Kelly and I are going to help each other listen to the  whispers of our heARTs as we read the journal prompts and encourage each other along this journey.  I'm really looking forward to diving into this project with her. 

My desk is clean, paint tray completely clean, book is ready to go and I've got the afternoon off!  Time to let my creative soul listen to the whispers today.  Hopefully, you are able to find some time and play this weekend as well.  Enjoy!


KellyS said...

Love how you can have everything out. I just don't have the room. Everything has to be contained. I'd love to have my colors visible. Your poor fingers. The sacrifices we make for our art.

Also love how you labeled everything in the picture. Gotta learn that trick :-)

Looking forward to our first of what I hope will be many journeys together.

rockwelldesigns said...

Thanks for sharing your crafty space . . . you seem to be very organized. I noticed that if I don't have something out where I can see it, I tend to forget I have it. Nice touch labeling the items in your photo! Hope you have a relaxing and joyfully creative weekend.

Margaret said...

You look so organized. Your organizer is fabulous.

Enjoy creating.

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