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Home Sweet Home

Hi and thanks for poping in.  I know it's such a busy time of year and it's not always easy to find the time to visit with a friend but I'm sure glad you decided to spend some time with me. 

I am continuing to keep my head above water and enjoy the simple things in life.  I love coming home to my Christmas tree all lit up.  There is something about the warm glow of the lights against the evergreen branches.  I have very few decorations on my tree this year because I seemed to have misplaced my ornament box.  Maybe it'll show up for next Christmas.  Until then, I think "someone" was trying to tell me to relax and find happiness in the small details.  So, my tree is much calmer than other years.  It's filled with a bit of burlap garland, red berries, pinecones and some simple ornaments I created myself this year. 

More paper hearts adorn my wrought iron headboard.  I did some in silver, some in red and some in turquoise glitter.   This photo certainly does not do this sweet gem justice. 

Hoping you are enjoying some of the simple things this Christmas season and that I was able to spark a little light into your creative soul.  Enjoy and thanks for visiting!


Lisa Price said...

Beautiful! Happy Holidays, my friend! I hope that you are happy and well! Sending you hugs and love, Lisa

Tess Davis said...

Your blog is beautiful and your ornaments are darling!!! Can't wait to spend more time with you :) I have just joined Paper Bloggers Unite :)

Kelly said...

Love that house ornament. There's a lot to be said for simplistic. It's so calming... something we could all use more of this time of year. I'm enjoying getting to know you and share in your creativity. Thanks for starting PBU!

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