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Happy Wednesday!

This was a real fun mini book using all the colors I absolutely LOVE.  Of course My Mind's Eye paper and diecut sheets are always one of my favorites to use.  I needed a planner of some sort but because it's the middle of the year, I thought maybe I would figure something out that would actually last.  Then I decided I wanted a planner that would last a couple years.  The concept of a perpetual calendar will last until time ends so that's what I decided.  Here you go:

As you can see from the photo above, there are little brown frames that create the particular month.  They are movable so I can make this planner into next year's planner!  Sometimes I'm a smart girlie!  I also added tags in the pockets for special dates.  Behind that is another tag for notes I want to remember.  The pocket can also hold receipts I need to save, appointment cards or anything else my lil heart desires!  After I had this all made, of course I thought of all sorts of other ideas to add but for now, this will do the trick and keep me somewhat on schedule.   

One thing I learned from uploading photos I rotated in an editing program is that if blogger doesn't like your photo, it will rotate it back.  However, if I resize the photo, it takes the rotation and allows me to post the photo the correct way.  (btw...I was just going to leave the photo sideways so you could just tilt your head and make this entry interesting)

Hopefully, this perpetual calendar was able to inspire your creative soul.  The colors are oh so very soothing!  Enjoy your day.


Kathy said...

Very nice! Love the colors!

Gisèle said...

great cover and be enjoyed for a long time..

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