The Paper Dog


Still Restoring

i'm still here....

spending quality time with nana

creating decorations for the baby shower

searching my soul and finding my spark

journaling through my life journal

growing as an artist and taking bunches classes with amazingly talented artists

the next course is this one.  if you are a dreamer, you've just gotta check it out!  here's to hoping, dreaming.

enjoy your day beautiful creative soul and thanks for visiting.


Jackie said...

Thinking of you Hun! I hope you & your family are doing ok.
Hugs & Love,

Margaret said...

Nice to see you posting. Thanks for the update on your family and your endeavors. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

EmzPrintDesigns said...

It's awesome that you're taking an art class! I have learned so much by taking art classes. It inspires me to want to take more. :) Enjoy your class and keep us posted. ;)

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