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Over the past couple days I've been working on a mini album I title "This Makes Me Happy".  I started it months ago but put it aside because my happiness was lost.  Slowly, it started creeping toward the front of my desk this past week so I decided it was time to finish it up.  I LOVE the concept!  The colors were a really big stretch for me but I think it worked out for the intended purpose.

Basically, I thought of all the things that make me happy.  My favorite things, things that make me smile...the sky is the limit and there are no rules!  When I decided to really sit down and write all these happys, I was totally blown away and oh so very happy!  

I used Maya Roads 4x8 Binder Album with Kraft Envelops for this which is totally perfect because I can add to my happy list as I think of them.  I just cut up a bunch of the scraps and put them in the back envelop for later use. 

Here's my list:

Gumball Machines
Driving with the windows down and the music loud, singing my heart out
Seeing a field of wildflowers
Hearing the people I love belly laugh
Seeing things that remind me of my childhood
Big tall sunflowers
Ben & Jerry’s Maple Blondie Ice Cream
Hotdogs burnt over an open campfire
Snuggling with my dog
The smell of my dog’s feet and ears
Cuddling on a cold winter’s night
The feel of sand between my toes
Splashing along the beach
The taste of salt from the ocean air
City lights at night
My Nana’s hugs
My son’s smile
Opening a new book for the first time
Driving for hours with no destination
Listening to a song that speaks to me
Coasting on a bicycle down a big hill
Twirling in a chair
Listening to oldies
Wearing bandanas
The smell of lily of the valley
Watching the first snowfall
Nana’s Applepie
Mom’s macaroni salad
Friday night pizza with the people I love the most
Kisses on the forehead
Being woken up with soft touches
Petting my dog’s ears
Seeing a beautiful sunrise
Listening to the rain in a tent
Creating art
Little surprises that make me smile
Feeling loved
Slipping into a bed with crisp clean sheets
Being silly with my boyfriend
Warm Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
Charlie Brown Christmas Trees
Reconnecting with family and friends
Seeing the sun dance on the lake
Catching fireflies
The sound of a horse and rider
My studio
My condo cleaned and all laundry put away
Swinging on a tire swing
Finding treasures
Colorful paper/fabric
When my dog grins
Running through a pile of leaves
Blowing a dandelion and making a wish
Checking to see if I like butter with a buttercup
Lick the frosting off a cupcake

Do you have any happys?  Have you ever really even thought about your happys?  I knew there were things in my life that made me happy but I think I needed to really concentrate and actually write them down.  I'm sure that I'll be adding to my happy book for many years to come.
I hope I was able to inspire your creative soul with happiness today!

Maya Road 4x8 Binder Album with Kraft Envelops
Bo Bunny Sophie Collection
May Arts Ribbon
Maya Road Trims
Tim Holtz Game Spinner
Bazzil Cardstock
Ranger Ink Van Dyke Brown
Vintage Ephemera
Buttons, Fibers, Fabric from my stash


Just Me said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. It was great timing. I like your "Happy" album, an interesting concept. I am going to have to start my list of happys. TFS

Dori said...

This is so wonderful! What a fantastic bit of inspiration!

Jackie said...

What a fab idea & your album came out so pretty! Excellent work Hun & TFS!!!

Jeremy and Samantha said...

Wow I love the concept and what a list you have. As a person with chronic illness and therefore bouts of serious depression , I think I am on the hunt for a cute album so I can do the same thing. beautiful blog and thanks for the great inspiration.

Julia Aston said...

What a great book and wonderful reason to make one!

Mallika said...

very nice n pretty .. saw u on creating the crafty life
now following you too

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