The Paper Dog



I am so very excited to have finally figured out my blog!  HTML is alot of fun.....ha ha ha.  One simple tiny error and the entire website doesn't work.  Zoe, your time and patience with me on my many attempts over the past couple weeks has been greatly appreciated!  You are such a creative and inspiring woman.  Thank you.   I have a bit of work still on my sidebar but I'll get there. 

As for my blog...

I'm looking forward to sharing and hopefully inspiring other creative souls.  Being a creative soul is not an easy task and there are many times we need that extra little "something" to make our souls feel free enough to creative.

Lately, I've been working on an altered book.  How funny that when I search the internet for ideas, I am able to finally "see" my own project come to life and my own ideas give birth.  Here's a little sampling...
The quote really inspired me.  "Never make something (someone) a priority in your life when you are only an option in theirs".  - Anonymous

Hope you have a beautiful day and fill your creative soul just a little bit today.


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